Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Get To Know About The Sperm Washing Procedure

Infertility has never been a disease or an infinite cause of sorrow. One or the other, there have been solutions coming up which can effectively help many couples to have their own babies, which they have thought would never happen. We, at Guru Multispeciality Hospital, Madurai, the complete Infertility centre endorsed with the high tech technologies assure the happiness and positive end results in all the couples who approach us. Different couples require different treatments and combinations of In-Vitro fertilization and Assisted Reproductive Techniques.


Sperm Wash is one of the very effective and result-giving methods of IVF in male infertility. Sperm Wash is the procedure of washing the sperm off the semen to collect the sperms individually. The collected sperms are later deposited in the uterus using the intrauterine insemination technique of artificial insemination. Thus, sperm wash ensures higher chances of fertilization and the embryo formation.

Sperm wash method is used in cases of low sperm count or defective sperms in males. The structural defect in sperms refrains them being active swimmers to reach the fallopian tube. The low count of sperms reduce the chances of successful fertilization. So, in order to overcome these situations, sperm wash is used. The swim-up technique is also used to diagnose the ability of the sperm to escape from the semen into the cervix. The washed sperms can stay live up to 5 days in the fertile mucus. The separately collected sperm can be used for the IUI procedures as fresh or as frozen. At most times, frozen sperms are given more preference due to the high rate of success.


At Guru Multispeciality Hospital, we make sure to provide you with the best results possible and to complete the happiness of your family. We, being the most trusted name in artificial insemination treatments in India, consider it us our duty to help the couples who come in need of support. Delay not to reach out the best male infertility treatment centre in Tamilnadu, for we reach the unreached!
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