Wednesday, 17 May 2017

What To Expect During Pregnancy Period?

Pregnancy, though a marvellous occasion, is also a period of great transformation to the body and mind of the woman. You grow from simply being a woman to a mother. The family itself undergoes a change, to welcome and accommodate the new member. What to expect during pregnancy period is a common concern among women.

Pregnancy brings unprecedented changes to a woman’s physique and feeling. The hormones start their activity for the proper growth and development of the baby even before you realise you are carrying one. It is always better to understand the changes that are going to occur, to adapt better and to contribute to the development of the baby.

Physical Changes

The initial symptom of pregnancy is missing periods. This is one of the main factors that could clue you in. Another common symptom is morning sickness. It can strike you at any time during day or night and can start as soon as by the third week of conception. The nausea and vomiting is due to increased hormonal activity and can be reduced to some extent by reducing the quantity of food intake while increasing the number of meals.

Pregnant women are more sensitive to smell and taste. The hormonal changes cause tender or sore breasts as well. The increased level of progesterone demands more sleep, so increasing sleep hours and short nap times will be ideal. The first trimester can be one of fatigue; however you would most likely regain your energy by the second trimester.

Emotional Changes

Pregnancy is a period of great happiness for a woman. However, it is a period of high hormonal activity which can make you highly sensitive as well. You would have your share of mood swings while adjusting to the new role of imminent motherhood.

People are reluctant to change initially. This might cause some struggle when you are trying to fit into different roles. Motherhood could temporarily affect your role as a wife. However an open communication can simply clear the air for a happy family.

Pregnancy period is one that requires utmost care. Frequent medical checkups and nutritional, dietary requirements are necessary for a healthy mother and baby.

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