Thursday, 2 February 2017

Why are You Not Getting Pregnant ?

Early marriages, in between 23-28 open many opportunities for pregnancy. There is no strong need to visit an OBG before 30s or younger when couples are in good health. Having regular sex at least once a day near the ovulation time raises the chances of Pregnancy. It is not an issue with healthy men when man’s sperm concentration drops on every sex session. Indulging in regular activities, routine physical activities, eating healthy food, limiting caffeine, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol and managing stress are the fertility improving factors. Frequent unprotected sex makes healthy couples to conceive within a year’s time.

If the couple has a known or suspected fertility issues or crossed 30-35 years, then it is the right time to get a fertility advice. Infertility is common for both men and women and for both treatments is available. Depends on your problem or partner’s problem the OBG or a urologist will help you to recover from the issue. A health care provider may assess the overall health issue and change some lifestyle changes which might improve the Chances of Fertility.
Women who are late married, issues in menstrual cycles, obesity, PCOD and family infertility, stress have a High Risk of Infertility. Men who are alcoholic, tobacco addicts, working in the high-temperature area, using a laptop on the lap for hours together are exposed to high risk of infertility. In the modern world, there are many treatments are available to attain pregnancy and eradicate andrological disorders. But the right approach at the right time will only yield a positive result.

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