Monday, 24 April 2017

When To See Your Gynaec?

Usually we think of a gynaecologist visit only in relation with pregnancy. It is not to be so. In a time when female infertility rates stand at about 10% of the total world population, a better awareness of one’s reproductive health, is the need of the day. 

Although a regular gynaec check-up is advisable to all women above 21 years, it is not a feasible option in most households in our country. However, keeping a close watch on our body for irregularities and consulting a gynaecologist, in case of any, could compensate for it.

Most of us are confused about when to see your gynaec? Here’s a guide to help you overcome that dilemma.

Reasons to Consult a Gynaecologist

It is always better to be safe than sorry. Even if you feel it’s a false alarm, get yourself checked-up to be on the safe side. The symptoms that needs an expert attention are as follows: -

Abdominal Discomfort – though abdominal cramps and pain can occur due to digestive problems as well, the chances for a reproductive system issue cannot be avoided. Severe, unbearable and persistent pain needs attention as they may be caused due to conditions like endometriosis and so on that can affect fertility.
Pelvic Pain – pelvic pain can be a sign of conditions related to pelvic inflammation disorders or prolapses. Persistent pelvic pain symptoms need to be checked out by a qualified doctor.
Irregular periods – though irregular periods are common in adolescence, in a woman, they can indicate an irregularity that could affect her fertility. The irregular periods symptoms include abnormal, heavy or light bleeding, missed periods, menstrual cycles spanning less than 21 days or greater than 40 days, bleeding in between cycle or after menopause and so on.
Soreness or unusual discharge from genital area – theses could indicate an infection and needs to be checked up at the earliest.
Urinary and bowel movement irregularities – these could symbolise pelvic problems which needs to be treated early.
Infertility – an inability to conceive successfully after regular unprotected intercourse for a year indicates some irregularities in fertility and needs medical assistance.

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