Thursday, 9 October 2014

IVF Treatments | infertility treatments in Tamilnadu

IVF Treatments


            The original  test tube baby techinc is ivf and was developed for the  women.It can be used for the womens have damaged Fallopian tubes.
The ivf start with hormone stimulation therapy for the follicles developments in the ovary.And are colleted and fertilised with a test tube for creating many embroys.Within five days one or two of this  embroys will be transfered to the uterus through the vagina.Hence the pregnancy starts from there.If the embroys fails then subsequent embroys can be transfered. 

              Success rates comes down based on the increasing age from 35,but it works well.The main problems is that multiple pregnancy but now a days only one embryo is transfering to uterus to prevent the multiple pregnancy..In some patients the hormone therapy may fail so the stimulation procedure is so hard to do in such womens.Any way it is considered as one of the best infertility treatment.For more details visit our site here, infertility treatments in Tamilnadu