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In Vitro Fertilization : An Overview

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF is the most popular reproductive procedure used now a days. Most of the infertility technologies use this procedure. Most of the reproductive problems are solved due to this procedure and it has a considerable role in increasing the birth rate.

This procedure can be carried out by using the same egg and sperm of the couples who is undergoing the treatment or can be carried out by using donor eggs or sperms.

Guru Infertility Centre in Madurai is one of the Best Fertility Clinic in Tamilnadu providing high quality treatment.

IVF treatment was mainly carried out in women with problematic fallopian tubes. Now a days it is also used for treating male infertility problems.

In Vitro Fertilization Procedure 

There are mainly 4 stages in the In Vitro Fertilization procedure or IVF

  • Stimulation of Ovaries – In this step, the ovaries are stimulated highly by using ovarian-stimulating drugs to produce more eggs. After this nourishing drugs for egg maturation are given. This drug is given after 8-14 days of egg production.
  • Retrieval of Egg – The retrieval of eggs are done before the beginning of ovulation, but after giving the nourishing drugs. The retrieval of eggs are done by inserting a probe into the vagina. This probe is an ultrasound-guided probe. Several eggs are retrieved by draining the liquid from the follicles using a needle.
  • Embryo Culture and Fertilization – In this stage the maturity and quality of the eggs are examined. Chosen eggs are put in a culture in the lab and then moved to the incubator. After this insemination is done. This is done by placing the egg and sperm together or done by injecting the sperm into the egg.
  • Transfer of Embryo and Cryoconservation – In this stage after 1-6 days of egg retrieval more than one embryos are implanted in the uterus. For future utilization, the excess embryos are frozen and stored. It takes around 2 weeks to figure out whether pregnancy has been accomplished.
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