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Know More About Surrogacy

Surrogacy is a highly tricky and controversial legal process, in which a female is considered as surrogate to deliver a baby. Means, in this process another female is considered carrying and delivering a baby for the needy couple who are not able to conceive or having complications in fertility. It is an option for the couple to get a baby when the female is not able to hold pregnancy or/and not able to deliver a baby. Anish fertility research centre, Madurai provides highly efficient and effective services for surrogacy and pregnancy-related services.
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What are the methods of surrogacy?

Surrogacy is popular nowadays and applies by using two methods.
  1. Traditional method- in traditional method, a process of artificial insemination is performed in surrogate female with the desired couple male sperm and the surrogate mother carries, and delivers the baby. A traditional surrogate is also a biological mother of the baby as her egg was used to complete fertilization. Same is applies in the case of donor male sperm. It is also known as straight or partial surrogacy.
  2. Gestational surrogacy- in gestational surrogacy, a desired couple’s sperm and egg is used and fertilized in the artificial laboratory conditions, then fertilized egg or zygote inserted into the uterus of surrogate or gestational surrogate. In this case, surrogate does not have any biological or genetic link with the baby and only consider as “birth mother”. This process is also known as full or host surrogacy.
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To whom it is recommended

Surrogacy is recommended only those females, who have specific medical problems and it is dangerous or impossible for them to conceive and give birth. Some of these conditions are
  • Recurrent loss of pregnancy
  • Absence or malformation of the womb
  • Removed uterus or hysterectomy
  • Repeatedly Failed IVF implantation
  • Heart disease
Guru Infertility Centre is one of the best Fertility Clinic for infertility treatment in Tamil Nadu. The doctors of the hospital have years of experience in surrogacy and provide best facilities for the surrogacy.
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Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Best Care For High Risk Pregnancy In Madurai

High-risk pregnancy is a medical condition in the pregnant women that reduces the chances of normal delivery and increases the chances of preterm delivery. In High-risk pregnancy, the health of women and her baby is on high alert. High-risk pregnancy needs special care and medical attention. It is important that high-risk pregnancy should be treated by qualified and experienced doctors. Guru Infertility Center in Madurai is the perfect option for High Risk Pregnancy Care.

What are the risk factors for high-risk pregnancy?

The risk factors for high-risk pregnancy are

  •  Advanced maternal age
  •  Lifestyle choices
  •  Medical history
  •  Multiple pregnancies
  •  Overdue pregnancy and
  •  underlying pregnancy

What is recommended for high-risk pregnancy?

It is very important to follow the doctor's instruction to control any kind of health problem. If the female pregnancy is considered a high-risk pregnancy, it is recommended

  •  To visit the doctor regularly throughout pregnancy for prenatal care
  •  Follow a healthy diet
  •  Exercise if required
  •  Protect from infections
  •  Reduce stress
  •  Live a happy life
  •  Daily intake of folic acid
  •  Getting proper immunization
  •  Maintaining a proper weight
  •  Regular physical activities
  •  Avoiding alcohol, and smoking

What are the treatment options for high-risk pregnancy?

Some common treatment methods for high risk pregnancy are

Gestational diabetes- Gestational diabetes increases pregnancy risks, so it is important to provide a proper diet an treatment plan that maintains blood sugar levels by checking it many times, provide smaller and frequent meals that are low in sugars and carbohydrates and high in fibres all day, provide medication to control diabetes, monitor daily physical activities, overall weight gain and keep record of weekly rate of weight gain

Genetic testing- for first trimester screenings, amniocentesis, and chorionic villus sampling

High blood pressure- prescribed regular exercises and low salt intake

Preeclampsia- prescribed bed rest, intake of vitamins C and E

Placenta Previa- prescribed complete bed rest, if the placenta blocks cervix completely to avoid bleeding

Genetic counseling and screening for birth defects

Pre-birth (antenatal) testing and amniotic fluid assessment

Pre-term labor- recommended drinking lots of fluids and bed rest

Guru Infertility Center in Madurai will offer effective care and treatments for High Risk Pregnancy cases with well advanced technologies. Guru Multispecialty Hospital is the best hospital for pregnancy sevices in Madurai with high-tech technologies.

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