Thursday, 3 November 2016

ICSI Treatment : Overcome Infertility Make Your Family

ICSI Treatment is treatment for men who are infertile
It requires one sperm and it is injected directly into the egg. Then a fertilised egg is then transferred to uterus.

ICSI Treatment in Madurai

Who is a candidate for ICSI?
  • Those Who Cannot get to the egg at all can't fertilise egg
  • those who have A very low or zero sperm count.
  • the sperm can't swim well because of A high percentage of abnormally shaped sperm 
  • due to spinal cord injuries or diabetes, Problems with getting an erection and ejaculating occurs
what is the procedure?
  • A holding pipette made of a tiny glass tube is used to preserve the egg.
  • An injection pipette is used to penetrate the egg's membrane and deposit a single sperm into the egg.
  • The egg is then discharged into a drop of cultured medium.
  • If fertilized, the egg is allowed to mature for 1 - 2 days and then it is either frozen or inculcated
What are the advantages of ICSI?
  • Give you a chance of conceiving your genetic child when other choices are closed to you.
  • If man is too anxious and cannot ejaculate on the day of egg collection for standard IVF then sperm can instead be extracted for ICSI.
  • used to help couples with unexplained infertility
  • ICSI doesn't affect children and develop mentally or physically. 
Overcome infertility through IVF and start living with your family. Guru Multispecialty Hospital- Anish Fertility & Women Care Centre offers ICSI treatment in Madurai with the help of dedicated team of doctors and other staff. We offer advanced treatment techniques at an affordable rate.

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