Friday, 29 May 2015

Gynecologic Surgery in India

A gynecological surgery is a surgery related to female reproductive system. For many reasons a woman require gynecologic surgery. Some times a gynecologic surgery may get rid of the infertility problem. Mainly gynecologic surgeries are performed by gynecologists. There are many problems that effect the female reproductive system. There are wide range surgical methods that are developed to solve these problems.

Dr.B. Kalpana is one of the famous gynecologist who had performed a wide variety of gynecologic surgery. One of the gynecologic surgery that she performed on May 10th gained a wide popularity. The case was rare, where the patient suffered from infertility due to the presence of double uterus. Dr. Kalpana carried out a gynecologic surgery and solved her problem of infertility.

Guru Infertility Center in Madurai provides Best Gynecologic Surgery in India. Here we provide minimal invasive gynecologic surgeries which is of less pain and fast recovery.
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