Thursday, 20 June 2013

Best Infertility Treatments- Stop Worrying About Infertility

There are many different types of fertility treatments available for most budgets of those couples who want to try to have a baby. Some of the treatments are invasive and painful, and some are extremely expensive, so often it is difficult to receive the type of treatment that you think will work best in your particular case because of budget constraints.

Azoospermia- This is a condition in which spermatozoa are not present in the seminal fluid.
• Low sperm motility - Sometimes, though enough sperm is present in the semen, they may not have the ability to move as required towards the egg. Sometimes low sperm count may also result in low sperm motility. This may also cause infertility
• Obstruction in reproductive tract
• Deficiency of certain hormones

Endometriosis - This is a condition in which the endometrial cells of the uterus strive outside the cavity and in most cases on the membrane lining the abdomen. • PCOS - Polycystic Ovarian syndrome is a common condition among women which may cause infertility in most women and even can cause other complications in pregnancy.
• Problems in ovulation - Irregular menstruation results in anovulation or too frequent ovulation which results in infertility.
• Poor quality of the egg.

There are many methods to treat infertility. Some include:

This is where eggs are extracted from the woman, sperm from the man and the two are combined in a laboratory. Once embryos have formed, they may all be implanted, or some may be discarded. The main issue with IVF process is the prospect that all implanted embryos will survive, so the expectant parents may have multiple children, which can be a major challenge, financially as well as emotionally. The cost of ivf India can be 50- to 70% lower than the cost in US or UK, making trip to India a value for money proposition.

This is a procedure that is similar to IVF; however, the sperm is injected directly into the egg, not left to fertilize the egg in a petri dish. ICSI procedure is often used when the quantity and motility of the sperm are major factors. It ensures fertilization rather than leaving it to chance.

Your fertility specialist will monitor you to determine when you are ovulating. At that specific point in time, or as close to it as possible, you will attend at the specialist's office with your partner. A sperm sample will be collected and washed (to obtain the highest concentration of sperm possible), then that sample will be injected directly into the woman.

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